Happy Mothers Day. This morning my Grandma and Mum came over and Ethan and I went out for a walk with them, it was nice to see them and have a chat. In the afternoon we had Joy over for lunch, we had an afternoon tea with scones which were lovely.
We got started on the loft today. We started off by ripping down some larger wood into 3x2. Once we had enough, we carried the wood into the loft and started raising the floor by 3". We raised the floor so that the insulation didnt have to be squashed. Once the floor was raised we carried up the 18mm chipboard and laid them the opposite way to the ceiling joists to give it more strength. We got the floor fully boarded just before lunch. After lunch we started working on the supports to hold the wall panels up and once they were all cut and fixed into place we started thinking about where we wanted to add the collar ties to act as the ceiling.
Ethan and I have been out on our scooters and bikes quite a bit and they are very dirty, so this afternoon we decided to get them out and give them a good wash. While Ethan was washing the scooters and bikes, i washed and hovered my car. The bikes and scooters look great, hopefully they wont get dirty to quickly.
Rachel got Ethan some new bath toys that are animals split into head, body and legs which you can then put together in different combinations to create all sorts of animals. Ethan and I had great fun with them, i even tried one of the hats on which was funny.
Its starting to get a lot nicer outside, so the 3 of us played football in the garden, dug up some plants that didnt last the winter and then Ethan and I washed and cleaned out Rachels car.
Ethan still has Lego models from Christmas that he hadnt built and today we built the pull back getaway truck. Ethan built nearly all of it himself, only having to ask me for a little bit of help. After it was built we got some of the other pull back cars and had some races in the kitchen.
Ethan and I have been working on bag 3 of the Lego digger, the model is getting quite large now and i have had to take out shelves to fit it in the cupboard when we are not building it. Bag 3 is starting to build the arm, which is getting quite complicated.
Rachel, Ethan and I went to the park this morning, we went on the swings, played hide and seek and then scootered back. In the afternoon we did some gardening, pulling up any weeds that have taken hold over the winter.
The building site were about to skip more wood and insulation, so i got this dropped off at my house, which is going to be great for the Lego room. I also planned out what i wanted one of the walls to look like.
Happy Valentines day. I got some nice socks and pants from Rachel. We got Ethan a Lego Brick Headz Valentines Bear, which he couldnt wait to build. In the afternoon we all made some cakes which were lovely.