Dad and I didnt get to go skiing this year, so we decided that as we both have the day off we would go to Milton Keynes Snozone. We booked for 3 hours, we spent the first 1.5 hours skiing which was great and then spent 1 hour snowboarding, which considering we have not been on a snowboard for 8 years we did really well and didnt fall over once. After we went to Nandos for a nice chicken wrap.
We put up our Christmas Trees up today, we put the snow covered tree in the garage and the pine covered tree in the lounge, but then used the decorations for the other trees. It turned out really nice and has made the house feel very festive.
We started early this morning with breakfast at Costa, before catching the River Bus to Greenwich. I had never been on the river boat and it was amazing, when it speeds up it really knocks you back. We then went on the Emirates Air Line cable car over the River Thames, which gave us great views. We then got the tube back to the hotel to pick up our cases, had lunch at Starbucks and then headed to the Lego store in Leicester Square. We had to queue to get in, but once in there its great. We then headed to Euston and caught the train back home. When arriving back into Ruby there was snow everywhere, not what we were expecting.
The Vehicle Vision Assist product was nominated for an award at the Motor Trader 2021 Awards, so this evening we went to London to the Grosvenor House London on Park Lane. It is such a lovely venue. The dress code was Black Tie and it was nice to get dressed up again. We didnt win the award, but we had some great food and a great evening.
Ethan wanted to go to London for his birthday, so we caught an early train from Rugby to Euston. We caught the tube to the Tower Suites by Blue Orchid, which was where we were staying. We dropped our cases off and then went Costa for breakfast. We then caught the tube again to Hamleys as Ethan wanted to have a look round, it was really busy but he enjoyed looking round. We then had a slot booked at the Science Museum so we headed over there. We had a great look round, Ethan enjoyed looking at the cars, planes and space section. We then had some lunch before heading into the Wonderlab, we got to try experiments in friction, sound, light and pullys. Before we left we went to a live session where things got exploded, Ethan loved it. We then headed back to the hotel to check in, as it was Ethans birthday they upgraded his room to one with a view of The Shard, Tower of London and Tower Bridge, it was an amazing room. To finish off the evening we went for a meal at Strada, they gave us a great evening and the food was lovely.
It is Ethans 6th birthday today. It was an early start so that he could open his presents. He had wanted the Lego Lamborghini Sian (42115) for over a year, so we decided we would get him that which he was so excited about. He had a good day at school and then when he had finished he said he would like some crusty cobs for dinner.
After adding the ambilights into the loft i had wanted them in my office, so i ordered a 4m version. I had to take the monitors off the wall, so that i could mount the controller and hide all of the wires. Once i got the software installed the lights worked and they look amazing. I have been playing with different backgrounds to give my office some nice mood lighting.
I have been working on the final bag for a while. I have been working on the digger for 11 months and really wanted to get it finished by Christmas, so i had a big push to get it all complete. Once i had finished it all, i put some batteries in it and tested it out. It is great fun to play with, Ethan really enjoyed it to making it climb up things and scooping up the Lego bits.
Once we had finished with our pumpkins we decided that we would take ours to Burbage Woods so that the animals could eat them. Once we had found a nice place to leave them we had a nice walk around.
Tonight we had bonfire night in our garden. We had a hotdog dinner with chocolate puddings for dessert. We then headed in the garden to enjoy the mini fire, have some sparklers and then set off some fireworks. They looked really good and we all had a great evening.