Once we had finished with our pumpkins we decided that we would take ours to Burbage Woods so that the animals could eat them. Once we had found a nice place to leave them we had a nice walk around.
Tonight we had bonfire night in our garden. We had a hotdog dinner with chocolate puddings for dessert. We then headed in the garden to enjoy the mini fire, have some sparklers and then set off some fireworks. They looked really good and we all had a great evening.
Now we are going to start going into the office, so I wanted to get my desk setup. I got 2 1080p Dell monitors, webcam, etc. I went into the office early and got it all setup, i tried to make the cabling as neat as i could to keep the clean desk look.
This afternoon we went to the Totally Spooky walk at Rufford Abbey. We first had lunch in the Old Coachhouse, before heading to the adventure playground, we had fun there until it closed at 3pm. It was then our time to go on the spooky walk, it was good reading about all of the potions and seeing all of the models that had been made.
The Cosby people have been busy again knitting a wonderful Halloween display. We went and had a look this evening and it looks fantastic. With the lights on the tree, it looks nice and spooky.
Ethan carved his pumpkins this evening. He scooped all of the insides out of them, Rachel then drew a happy face and then a screaming face. Ethan then cut them out using some little tools. They look really cool! We are going to plant some of the pumpkin seeds and see if we get anything from them.
We had a Halloween party this evening, we had Claire, Luke and Faith over for some party games and pizza. We had fun playing pass the parcel, a treasure hunt and chatting. We had a 40 min powercut which normally would be annoying but we got out the candles out and it made it nice and spooky, the pizza also got delivered which helped cheer everyone up.
The weather wasnt great today, but we still wanted to get out so we decided to go to Burbage Woods for a walk. We had a nice time, such a lovely place to walk around and its nice and relaxing.
We went pumpkin picking today at Malt Kiln Farmshop. They had improved it since the last time i went, adding mats where people walk. Rachel wanted to get a selection of different pumpkins for a display outside our house. It was quite quiet and we had lots of fun.
We packed all of the bags this morning and got the car loaded up by 10am. Ethan and I then took a ride to the main car park to drop our bikes off before going swimming in the Subtropical Swimming Paradise for a few hours. We went to Starbucks for lunch and then went to the Adventure Golf for 18 Holes of crazy golf. We headed to the park afterwards and had a treat on the beach. It started to rain so we decided to head home as it was after 4pm at this point.
This morning Ethan and I went for a swim at the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, we spent quite a bit of time in the outside pool which was lovely. We then met Rachel and Joy to have lunch at Starbucks before going to the Country Club for Tots Go Wild, which was walking around looking for bugs and animals that live in the forest. We then went to Family Putting. We then went to Halloween Broomstick Making which Rachel really enjoyed, Ethan had fun decorating it, named it Greeny and had fun. In the evening we went back to Bella Italia and I had a lovely lasagne.