We had a great day at Ryton Pools today, we took a picnic and sat under some trees on a picnic blanket. We played on the park, had lots of fun on the zip line, we had an ice lolly and then went and fed the ducks before finishing off at another park.
It was soo hot today, so we decided that we would spend the day in the paddling pool. It was lovely, we had lots of fun playing.
Rachel has been working hard on the garden, buying and planting pots and arranging them in nice displays. Ethan and I have mowed the lawn and dug a big hole for a tree to be planted. I added some hanging baskets to the back which have grass and ivy in them. Its looking really nice out there now.
I have now finished bag 4 of the Lego digger and up to step 767. Its been really interesting building up the detail.
Finally after having the UP! for over 3 years now i thought it was time to get the H7MLX numberplate put on the car. It is a lot easier now and can all be done online, so i ordered the plates and when they arrived i filled out all the forms online, got confirmation emailed to me and then put them on the car. So glad to see it being used again.
Rachel seen a sign advertising strawberry picking at Whetstone Pastures Farm, so as it was a nice day we thought we would go and pick some strawberries. There was quite a lot of rows of strawberry plants, so we hunted for the best ones and ended up collecting a punnet full of them. They were very tasty.
When we came out of swimming we normally have a play on the park before heading home. Today after we had finished on the park they were setting up some old army vehicles. Ethan had a sit in a nice Land Rover and then on a bike.
I was down to GB left on the server, so it was time to get the new hard disks in. I installed the new 5 drive bay, put the 4 new 12TB hard disks inside it, added the hardware RAID card in and then when i came to power it up the power supply wasnt large enough to power 9 hard disks, so i had to bring a 2nd power supply in to power the new disks. I used robocopy to migrate all of the files from the old software RAID to the new hardware RAID, which worked really well. Once that was done i updated all of the shares and symlinks before shutting the server down, removing all of the old hard drives and adding in a new SSD just for Plex metadata. I now have 37TB of useable space when the drives are in RAID5. While i had the server out i also removed some old cables and drives from the rack to tidy it up before putting the server back in the rack.
Happy Fathers day! Today Ethan woke me up early as he was excited about giving me my present. He got me a top banana monkey, a Lego clock and then a Ducktails Brickheadz Lego set. Ethan and I went into the loft and started building that which was fun.
The loft hatch needed a trim round it on the outside as it looked a bit of a mess, we cut some skirting board down into architrave and nailed it round the hatch. My Dad made a cover to go inside the loft to stop anyone falling down when people are in the loft. There is a bar clip to hold the cover to the wall so that the ladder can still be used eaily.