After thinking that yesterday was going to be the only snow day, today it snowed for multiple hours, everywhere was white. We drove to Burbage Woods to have a walk, something we had planned on doing anyway, but made more enjoyable with the fresh snow. When we got back home we went into the back garden and made a big snowman, we put a hat on it as well as a scalf. We had a little snowball fight and then walked up to the fields and had a nice walk around the fields. It was a great snowday.
We had a little bit of snow over night, so we went out before it could all melt and Ethan made a little snowman, we threw a few snowballs and then went on a bike ride. It was nice to be out in the snow.
It had been raining but we wanted to get out of the house for some fresh air, so Ethan and I went on our bikes for a ride around the village. Its a nice 2 mile ride and Ethan had great fun going through the puddles.
I am making progress on bag 2 of the Lego Liebherr Digger, i am now up to step 339. I have been doing little bits in the evening but i am really enjoying building it and seeing it all coming together.
Claire and Luke gave birth to Faith at the start of the month and today we nipped over to meet her, take her a present and see how Claire was. We didnt stay long but it was lovely to see them all.
I have completed 233 steps and have finished bag 1 of the Lego Liebherr Digger. It has been really fun to build so far and i enjoyed the little test that the app does when you get to the end of bag 1. Ethan helped me with the tracks and other bits while i have been building it.
Ethan and I went out on our bikes, with Rachel walking. We did a big loop around the village and then stopped at the park for a bit. It was cold and wet out but we managed to play on a few things.
Ethan got some new wooden cooking tools and wanted to make some gingerbread men, but he doesnt like gingerbread, so we made vanilla men. Once they were baked we decorated them which was a lot of fun.
I finally got started on the Lego Liebherr Digger (42100) this evening. Looking in the box there is a lot of pieces and looking through the instructions there are 2 books with 1000 steps total. I spent about 1 hour 30 mins and got to step 74 and i am realising how large this is going to be when built.
Our front gate swelled up to the point where it wouldnt even open. My Dad made me a new gate, when he dropped it off Ethan and I took it into the shed and sanded it down ready for painting with varnish so that it withstands the weather. By the time we got to hanging the gate it was dark, but using a big light we managed to hang the gate and it closes great.
I havent seen Sam since his wedding, so we decided to meet up for a walk somewhere. We went to Watermead Country Park as that was about half way between the 2 of us. We had a lovely walk, the paths were quite flooded but we just walked through it, we were having to tip the water out of Ethans wellies as he wanted to go deeper in the water.