I ordered some Monitor Audio CPC Bronze ceiling mounted speakers for the lounge on Thursday and they arrived on Friday from ceiling-speakers.co.uk. Dad and I fitted them, making sure we didnt hit any joists, the speakers have pivoting tweeters so after fitting them i angled the tweeters towards the center seat on the sofa. The grills were then fitted and they blend in really well. The speakers sounds really good, i put a few songs through them off my iPod and was really impressed with the quality. Dad had made me a bespoke cabinet to hold amp and computers in the lounge and he had to get that up to the lounge. It is 1.8m wide and the top is 50mm of MDF, so it was really heavy, after scraping the wall a few times we managed to get it in to the lounge and it looks amazing, he did such a great job. We also got the light fitted in the lounge, got the sofa, bed and table all in the house.