It was an early morning start, i was up at 7 to help get our full English breakfast cooked before we had to head out at 8:30. We had to drive an hour to get to the 1st event of the weekend, which i didnt know what it was. We got to a car park at the bottom of a hill. Here we had Adam, Sam and Leon who were instructors from Teamplay Outdoor Activities. They asked us to get into 3 teams and then they handed each team a map, backpack and a container with 2 handles. We had to navigate to the points on the map in the quickest time, with 2 people in the team keeping hold of the container at all times. My team got a bit lost but we made it to the checkpoint, where i was blindfolded while trying to walk. We then did some weaseling, which is open air caving, this was great fun fitting between the rocks. We then had a race to the next checkpoint down hill, when we arrived we had a team race across a stream and back which we won. They then put me in the steam, got me to lay down and then dragged me through it. We were half way round at this point, so i was running back soaking wet. It didnt take us long to get back to the mini bus where i could get changed into some dry clothes. The morning was soo much fun.