Its the day of my wedding! Rachel and I are getting married at Mythe Barn at 1pm. I slept well last night and got up at 8, had a shower and a shave. I sat in the lounge with some classic dance music on as my neighbors were out and i had the house to myself. The photographer Johnny, Ben, Dad and the Hairdresser Emma turned up at 10am. The photographer took photos of the rings, me getting my hair done and everyone getting ready. Emma cut and styled my hair. Dad cooked us all sausage and egg cobs which were lovely. Ben left at 11 and Dad and I left at 11:30. On the way my Mum called and the person she had gotten a lift with had got lost, so we had to go and find them and let them follow us to the venue, this was a little bit stressful. We arrived at 12:30 and then i had to meet with the registrar and then i managed to say hi to a few people.