We had a receiving line to welcome everyone into the wedding breakfast. We started off with the speeches as we were all nervous about it. David went first and gave a lovely speech about Rachel, it was my turn next, my speech was about 2 pages long and it was more soppy than funny. I had to miss out a few parts of the speech as i wouldnt have been able to get through it otherwise, i was pleased that i managed to complete it though. Ben was last and he gave a fantastic speech, it contained humor as well as embarrassing me just enough. For the meal we had tomato soup for starters, shepherds pie for main and then apple and berry crumble for dessert. All of the food was great and i managed to eat most of it. After the meal there was tea and coffee in the reception area, which gave Rachel and I to get round and chat to people and also get some of the 30kg of sweets from the sweetie cart that my Dad make for us.