Getting up at 2am to leave the house at 3am, we headed to Birmingham airport to fly to Paris. At the airport we had a Costa for breakfast and then boarded the plane at 6am. The flight was quick, with Ethan and I just watching things on the tablet. We collected our cases and got on the Disney bus to take us to Disney Land Paris. We arrived at the Disney's Newport Bay Club and as we had booked the Compass Club, we got private check in and had a hot drink in the club lounge. Once we had checked in, we headed straight into the park to go on some rides. With our package we had a fast past each per day, so we headed straight to Thunder Mountain and used the fast pass to get straight on, the ride was great, I dont think Joy knew what she was letting herself in for. We then went on the park and had a good walk around to show Joy the sights. We headed back to the hotel to get into our room, went for a swim and the headed back into the park to have dinner at Chez Remy. When we came out of the restaurant, Ratatouille The Adventure's ride had a tiny queue, so we went on that which Ethan loved.