Happy Christmas. Ethan was up at 3:52am this morning, but we asked him to go back bed and he could open his presents at 6am. He did wait and we started with the stockings, we all got new socks, some chocolate and i even got some wireless headphones. We then headed downstairs, got a drink and Ethan started opening the rest of his presents. He was really interested in them this year and it took a few hours to open everything. We then got dressed and Nana gave Ethan his present from her which was a new bike and with pedals. My parents then came over for a few hours, we exchanged gifts and played with Ethan. They left about 12 and then 15mins later Claire, Luke and Richard arrived. We had a lovely Christmas roast that Rachel had cooked, which with eating dessert took us a few hours. In the afternoon we played some more with Ethan and he gifts. I got some new skates, clothes and new PJs.