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Happy Mothers Day. This morning my Grandma and Mum came over and Ethan and I went out for a walk with them, it was nice to see them and have a chat. In the afternoon we had Joy over for lunch, we had an afternoon tea with scones which were lovely.
Ethan and I have been out on our scooters and bikes quite a bit and they are very dirty, so this afternoon we decided to get them out and give them a good wash. While Ethan was washing the scooters and bikes, i washed and hovered my car. The bikes and scooters look great, hopefully they wont get dirty to quickly.
Rachel got Ethan some new bath toys that are animals split into head, body and legs which you can then put together in different combinations to create all sorts of animals. Ethan and I had great fun with them, i even tried one of the hats on which was funny.
Its starting to get a lot nicer outside, so the 3 of us played football in the garden, dug up some plants that didnt last the winter and then Ethan and I washed and cleaned out Rachels car.
Ethan still has Lego models from Christmas that he hadnt built and today we built the pull back getaway truck. Ethan built nearly all of it himself, only having to ask me for a little bit of help. After it was built we got some of the other pull back cars and had some races in the kitchen.
Ethan and I have been working on bag 3 of the Lego digger, the model is getting quite large now and i have had to take out shelves to fit it in the cupboard when we are not building it. Bag 3 is starting to build the arm, which is getting quite complicated.
Rachel, Ethan and I went to the park this morning, we went on the swings, played hide and seek and then scootered back. In the afternoon we did some gardening, pulling up any weeds that have taken hold over the winter.
Happy Valentines day. I got some nice socks and pants from Rachel. We got Ethan a Lego Brick Headz Valentines Bear, which he couldnt wait to build. In the afternoon we all made some cakes which were lovely.
I have been working on the digger on and off with Ethan, we have been progressing well and have now finished bag 2. When we had finished bag 2 we got to test the motors using the app. It was cool to see things working.
Ethan had a task for school to create a hand which contained your favourite things. I had a go at creating mine which included Lego, programming, bike riding, skiing and swimming. Ethan created his which included swimming, cars, Lego, monkeys, Disney, chocolate and family.
Rachel got some gingerbread bunny biscuits and then the 3 of us decorated them. I had a lot of fun doing it and so did Rachel and Ethan.
After thinking that yesterday was going to be the only snow day, today it snowed for multiple hours, everywhere was white. We drove to Burbage Woods to have a walk, something we had planned on doing anyway, but made more enjoyable with the fresh snow. When we got back home we went into the back garden and made a big snowman, we put a hat on it as well as a scalf. We had a little snowball fight and then walked up to the fields and had a nice walk around the fields. It was a great snowday.
We had a little bit of snow over night, so we went out before it could all melt and Ethan made a little snowman, we threw a few snowballs and then went on a bike ride. It was nice to be out in the snow.
It had been raining but we wanted to get out of the house for some fresh air, so Ethan and I went on our bikes for a ride around the village. Its a nice 2 mile ride and Ethan had great fun going through the puddles.
I am making progress on bag 2 of the Lego Liebherr Digger, i am now up to step 339. I have been doing little bits in the evening but i am really enjoying building it and seeing it all coming together.
Claire and Luke gave birth to Faith at the start of the month and today we nipped over to meet her, take her a present and see how Claire was. We didnt stay long but it was lovely to see them all.
I have completed 233 steps and have finished bag 1 of the Lego Liebherr Digger. It has been really fun to build so far and i enjoyed the little test that the app does when you get to the end of bag 1. Ethan helped me with the tracks and other bits while i have been building it.
Ethan and I went out on our bikes, with Rachel walking. We did a big loop around the village and then stopped at the park for a bit. It was cold and wet out but we managed to play on a few things.
Ethan got some new wooden cooking tools and wanted to make some gingerbread men, but he doesnt like gingerbread, so we made vanilla men. Once they were baked we decorated them which was a lot of fun.
I finally got started on the Lego Liebherr Digger (42100) this evening. Looking in the box there is a lot of pieces and looking through the instructions there are 2 books with 1000 steps total. I spent about 1 hour 30 mins and got to step 74 and i am realising how large this is going to be when built.
I havent seen Sam since his wedding, so we decided to meet up for a walk somewhere. We went to Watermead Country Park as that was about half way between the 2 of us. We had a lovely walk, the paths were quite flooded but we just walked through it, we were having to tip the water out of Ethans wellies as he wanted to go deeper in the water.
Dad got a new bike for Christmas, so today Ethan and I went for a ride with him. We went to Whetstone, then to Cosby and then over the field back to home. It was very muddy on the field, but it was fun.
Happy Christmas. We got up at 6am and opened our stockings before heading downstairs to open our presents. I got a new scooter from Rachel, some Lego from Ethan and a hoodie from Joy. My parents then came over and we opened some presents in the garage, they got me the Lego Liebherr R 9800 Excavator, set 42100, cant wait to build it. We went out for a walk and Ethan and I went on our scooters. We had a light lunch, watched Home Alone and built some Lego. In the evening we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, we were so full we couldnt fit in dessert.
This evening we went to Broughton Astley to watch the Lutterworth Tractor Parade. It was a really cold evening but load of people turned out to see them all drive by. There was over 200 tractors all with Christmas lights on them. Ethan loved watching them.
We got Ethan Mr and Mrs Claus Lego Brickheadz as a little treat before Christmas, so today we built them. They were fun to build and they look really good.
This afternoon we decorated some gingerbread elves, we all had a go at decorating them and had lots of fun doing it.
I had the day off so i picked Ethan up from school. When we got home we put the fire on and built some Minecraft Lego with some Christmas music on. We had a great time and got it all finished.
Rachel, Ethan, Joy and I went to look at the Cosby Christmas knitting bomb today. They have done such a great job making trees, decorations and even decorating a postbox. Ethan really enjoyed looking at what had been done with knitting.
Work got me a Cadburys Heroes advent calendar which i thought was nice of them, today i got a mini Wispa. Rachel and I got Ethan a Mr Men advent calendar which contains 24 mini books, we will be reading 1 each evening before bed. He also got an Elf called Edward, who will be giving him stickers everyday if he is good.
We took a walk this evening to look at all of the lights on peoples houses and while we were out Ethan posted his hand written letter to Santa.
We went for a walk and scooter ride with my sister this morning. The boys were on their scooters and had a great time following each other round. We did try to go on the park but it was raining and too wet to go on anything.
This afternoon we got the tree and decorations down from the loft and put up the tree. This year we only put up white baubles and it looks really effective. Ethan loved helping and could do a lot more this year, although he did eat a few of the chocolates for the tree as he was putting them up.
Ethan is 5 today. 5 years have really flown by and he has grown up so much in the last year. He got up really early this morning and he opened up the presents from us. He asked for the Lego Cargo Train (60198), there is a lot of things to build with it but he was really excited about getting it. After school he got his new Scooter from his Nana and started to build some of the Lego. We got him a monkey cake as he loves monkeys.
This morning we went to Burbage Common to have a walk. It was quite muddy, but we had boots and wellies on so we could still enjoy the walk. Ethan and my Dad had huge sticks which they were playing with, Ethan was having lots of fun.
Today Ethan, Rachel and I used coloured rice to make rangoli patterns. Ethan did most of the work and it was great fun sprinkling the rice over the paper with glue where you wanted it to stick and then shaking all of the excess rice of to leave a rice picture. In the evening we lit the diva lamps we made yesterday.
Ethan and Rachel made Pudsey biscuits in the morning and then when they were cool enough we all decorated them, Ethan really enjoyed it and did the most. In the afternoon we used clay and made some diva lamps, decorating them with glitter and beads. Rachel then found some plain glass candle holders which we decorated with stickers.
Tonight to mark bonfire night we had a little bonfire at home in the fire pit. Ethan and I built the fire and let it calm down while we went and had dinner. Rachel cooked a chilli con carne and rice which was a lovely winter warmer. We went outside, enjoyed the fire, roasted some marshmallows and then had some sparklers which was great fun. We then went inside, put the fire on and had some bonfire cake which Rachel made.
We went out for a walk this morning and met my parents at Burbage Woods. We walked round the big loop, had a chance to chat to everyone and catch up.
Ethan and I played with the Lego and made some of our own creations. I built a tree and Ethan built an island and sea.
They have been building a new park in Broughton Astley for ages and they finally opened it up earlier in the week, so we decided to go and check it out. The park was really good and Ethan really enjoyed trying everything out. The park was a little boggy, but it didnt stop him playing.
Ethan wanted to do something for Halloween, so tonight we had little party. We started with a sweetie hunt around the house with clues to let Ethan know where the next one was, we then played musical statues which was great fun, we then played stick the spider on the web and then finished off the games with pass the parcel. We had hot dogs for dinner and then a tray bake dessert. We took Ethan out for a walk to see the decorated houses around us, there was a great display round the corner which had a projector onto 3 pumpkins.
Today we had a really busy day! Ethan and I started off by washing both of the cars and then hovering out the Mokka, while Rachel did the gardening on the front of the house. After lunch we carved a pumpkin, decorated gingerbread skulls and then finished off the afternoon by going on a walk to the park.
Today we went pumpkin picking at West Lodge Farm Park. I had never been before and the place was really nice with lots to do. We started off playing out the outdoor park, which Ethan had great fun on. We then went to our time slot to pick a pumpkin, i was thinking we would be walking round a field to find the perfect one, but they were all laid out on display for you to pick. Once we had picked it, we had to get all of the insides out and then draw what we liked to be cut out and then handed it over the the staff who would carve the pumpkin for us. We had lunch outside on some benches which was nice before heading on a spooky tractor ride, which was really good. We finished off the day looking round the animals and then another go on the park before picking our pumpkin up and heading home.
We hadnt been to Ryton Pools Country Park since before lockdown, so today we took the drive over. Everyone else must have had the same idea as it was packed. We took a walk around the other lake which we dont normally do, it was a nice walk, Ethan went on his bike and the paths were good for him to ride on. We went to the park, had a go on the zipline and Ethan had a hulk ice cream.
We went to Burbage Common And Woods today, we first played on the park and afterwards went into the woods for a nice long walk. Its such a lovely place to go as the woods are nice and large and you dont see many people.
We went for a nice walk this afternoon round Broughton Astley, we went to the park where Ethan took me hat and made me chase him for it, we then went to the church to see the fishes, it was quite chilly out but was a nice walk.
Its my 37th birthday today. I got some great gifts, money, trousers, Tommy Hilfiger perfume, Clinique Happy perfume, a Lego pen pot and a Samsung Active2 watch. I had a lovely day, having bacon cobs for lunch, built the Lego with Ethan and then having a Nandos takeaway with my parents in the evening.
It was raining, but we wanted to get out of the house, so we went to Burbage Common for a walk. We all wrapped up and it wasnt too cold and we had a really nice walk.
Today was a park day, we went to Hinckley park this morning after Ethans swimming lesson and then in the afternoon we went to Broughton park. Ethan and I had fun on the outdoor gym.
With the weather being so nice we decided to get out and go somewhere for the afternoon, we settled on going to Burbage Common. When we arrived we got an ice cream and then Ethan played on the park, it was quite busy so we didnt get too long. We then walked into the forest and spent a few hours going down the little trails off the main paths. It was great being out in the fresh air and in the woods. We finished the evening off by heading to McDonalds, getting a takeaway and heading back to Burbage Common to eat it, very nice picnic.
We had want to meet up with my Mum and Grandma as it was her birthday so we decided to go to Everards Meadows for a nice walk outside. I hadnt been there before and it was such a nice walk, lots to see and there wasnt a lot of people round. It was good to see everyone and have a nice walk.
We took a walk to Broughton Astley Park this afternoon, Ethan and I went on the swings, slides, climbing frames and had lots of fun in the sun.
Sam and Debbie finally got married today. They got married at Stapleford Park in Melton Mowbray, which is a beautiful venue. Sam asked me to be best man which was a real honour, to which i accepted. Rachel and I got there early to help setup. We attached cans and a sign to a golf kart, which Sam and Debbie would be driving later. They got married at 12 and then everyone went out for photos, there was then a nice sit down meal. I did my speech after the food, i thought it went well but it was good to have done it. I had created a quiz on Debbie and Sam which everyone took part in. Afterwards they had a disco and some more food, it was nice to get round and speak to some of Sam and Debbies family. We got home at midnight, but it was a great day and loved being apart of their special day.
The Lego build was initially going to be for me to build in the evenings, but Ethan really wanted to build it with me. Over the last week Ethan and I have been working on building the model after dinner each evening. He really enjoyed building it and the model itself is amazing. I have now got it on display in my office so it can be seen when i am on video calls.
We decided to go out and do something today, so we went to the crazy golf course in Blaby. We havent been for quite a while and really enjoyed it. Ethan had got a lot better, i think in part to him being a little taller. Ethan and I both got a hole in 1 which was great. Afterwards we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and ate that at home which was lovely.
It was really cold and wet, but we wanted to get out of the house, so we drove to Burbage Common and went for a walk through the forest which was lovely as it gave a bit of shelter from the rain.
Ethan had a 1 hour play session at school today as he is starting school in a few weeks. We arrived at the school a little early, it was chucking down with rain and we had been told that we would be playing outside. Just as we got to the gates, we got a call to say that it was cancelled because the rain was too heavy. Ethan was really disappointed.
It has been 10 years since Rachel and I went on our 1st date (Last year we thought it was 10 years, but added up wrong). Rachel surprised me and got me the Fast and Furious Lego Technic Charger which is great and I am looking forward to building it.
We went out on a bike ride over the fields today and they were baling the hay. We had a lovely ride around the fields and the weather was lovely.
Rachel, Ethan and I went out for a ride today through the fields and we were lucky enough to get there as the farmer started to harvest the field with his combine harvester. We stayed for quite a while watching the process as it is something i had never seen being done.
Claire and Luke got engaged and Joy wanted to get close family together for a celebration of this. The weather was great and we were all outside/ It was lovely to see everyone and congratulations to Claire and Luke.
Ethan loves Lamborghinis and he has wanted the lego set for a while. The set contains 2 vehicles and he built the Huracan with Rachel and he built the Urus with me. They were quite complicated to build but he really enjoyed building them and has been having great fun racing them.
It was a lovely day and Ethan wanted to play with water balloons, which then turned into playing with the water pistols. We had great fun and got soaked but it was so hot that we got dry really quickly.
Rachel was cooking dinner and Ethan wanted to help. He grated the cheese and then made some yorkshire pudding mix. After making them he also wanted to try a yorkshire and he really liked it.
Rachel got Ethan a mini rocket which is shot in the air with a little pump. It is really cool and does fire the little rockets really high, after not very long we had already got 1 stuck on the roof.
Ethan and I have been out riding a lot and we thought it would be nice to invite my Dad out for a ride. In the day i ordered some chips from the Cosby chip shop. We then took a ride over the fields, sat on the bench opposite the chip shop and ate chips and sausages. We had a lovely ride and was out for 1.5 hours, Ethan loved it.
We had a busy day today being outside as the weather was nice. We went out for a big ride in the morning, we then worked on the garden for the afternoon, getting the lawn mowed and garden weeded and pruned.
After i finished work this evening, Ethan and I went out for a long bike ride. We did our normal route and then decided to go and explore. We ended up going under the M1 motorway and was some distance away from home. We did have a great time though.
Ethan and Rachel made their own playdough, Ethan got to do the stirring on the hob and then he added green dye. When it had cooled down they went outside and cut out shapes and made things with it. Ethan had lots of fun.
Rachel, Joy and Ethan went out mini beast hunting in the woods. Ethan loves to find them with his magnifying glass and his check list that he uses to mark off which bugs he has found.
It was Ethan's last day of nursery today, he hasnt actually been going for the last few months, but we have still been doing the work that has been sent to him. One of the Mums put together a lovely class photo from separate photos.
I had Ethan for the day today. We played with the Hotwheels in the morning and then the rain let up a bit so we went out for a bike ride. We went off the normal path and went though the forest and bushes. We had a great time out, but on the way back it started raining again. In the afternoon we played on the Wii and with the Hotwheels again.
A farmer had let us know that they were going to be baling up the hay today, so on my lunch break Ethan, Rachel and I took a ride to the fields and stood and watched the tractors bale the hay and then wrap it in polythene. It was such a great process to watch and i had never seen it done before.