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The Lego build was initially going to be for me to build in the evenings, but Ethan really wanted to build it with me. Over the last week Ethan and I have been working on building the model after dinner each evening. He really enjoyed building it and the model itself is amazing. I have now got it on display in my office so it can be seen when i am on video calls.
We decided to go out and do something today, so we went to the crazy golf course in Blaby. We havent been for quite a while and really enjoyed it. Ethan had got a lot better, i think in part to him being a little taller. Ethan and I both got a hole in 1 which was great. Afterwards we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and ate that at home which was lovely.
It was really cold and wet, but we wanted to get out of the house, so we drove to Burbage Common and went for a walk through the forest which was lovely as it gave a bit of shelter from the rain.
Ethan had a 1 hour play session at school today as he is starting school in a few weeks. We arrived at the school a little early, it was chucking down with rain and we had been told that we would be playing outside. Just as we got to the gates, we got a call to say that it was cancelled because the rain was too heavy. Ethan was really disappointed.
It has been 10 years since Rachel and I went on our 1st date (Last year we thought it was 10 years, but added up wrong). Rachel surprised me and got me the Fast and Furious Lego Technic Charger which is great and I am looking forward to building it.
We went out on a bike ride over the fields today and they were baling the hay. We had a lovely ride around the fields and the weather was lovely.
Rachel, Ethan and I went out for a ride today through the fields and we were lucky enough to get there as the farmer started to harvest the field with his combine harvester. We stayed for quite a while watching the process as it is something i had never seen being done.
Claire and Luke got engaged and Joy wanted to get close family together for a celebration of this. The weather was great and we were all outside/ It was lovely to see everyone and congratulations to Claire and Luke.
Ethan loves Lamborghinis and he has wanted the lego set for a while. The set contains 2 vehicles and he built the Huracan with Rachel and he built the Urus with me. They were quite complicated to build but he really enjoyed building them and has been having great fun racing them.
It was a lovely day and Ethan wanted to play with water balloons, which then turned into playing with the water pistols. We had great fun and got soaked but it was so hot that we got dry really quickly.
Rachel was cooking dinner and Ethan wanted to help. He grated the cheese and then made some yorkshire pudding mix. After making them he also wanted to try a yorkshire and he really liked it.
Rachel got Ethan a mini rocket which is shot in the air with a little pump. It is really cool and does fire the little rockets really high, after not very long we had already got 1 stuck on the roof.
Ethan and I have been out riding a lot and we thought it would be nice to invite my Dad out for a ride. In the day i ordered some chips from the Cosby chip shop. We then took a ride over the fields, sat on the bench opposite the chip shop and ate chips and sausages. We had a lovely ride and was out for 1.5 hours, Ethan loved it.
We had a busy day today being outside as the weather was nice. We went out for a big ride in the morning, we then worked on the garden for the afternoon, getting the lawn mowed and garden weeded and pruned.
After i finished work this evening, Ethan and I went out for a long bike ride. We did our normal route and then decided to go and explore. We ended up going under the M1 motorway and was some distance away from home. We did have a great time though.
Ethan and Rachel made their own playdough, Ethan got to do the stirring on the hob and then he added green dye. When it had cooled down they went outside and cut out shapes and made things with it. Ethan had lots of fun.
Rachel, Joy and Ethan went out mini beast hunting in the woods. Ethan loves to find them with his magnifying glass and his check list that he uses to mark off which bugs he has found.
It was Ethan's last day of nursery today, he hasnt actually been going for the last few months, but we have still been doing the work that has been sent to him. One of the Mums put together a lovely class photo from separate photos.
I had Ethan for the day today. We played with the Hotwheels in the morning and then the rain let up a bit so we went out for a bike ride. We went off the normal path and went though the forest and bushes. We had a great time out, but on the way back it started raining again. In the afternoon we played on the Wii and with the Hotwheels again.
A farmer had let us know that they were going to be baling up the hay today, so on my lunch break Ethan, Rachel and I took a ride to the fields and stood and watched the tractors bale the hay and then wrap it in polythene. It was such a great process to watch and i had never seen it done before.
Ethan and I went out on our bikes, with Rachel following on foot. We went around Narborough and then out onto the fields. It was such a lovely day to be out.
Rachel, Ethan and I went walking in the local wheat fields looking for stones. It was nice to get out of the house as it had been raining most of the day.
It is Fathers Day today . Ethan couldnt wait to come in and give me my card and present. He got me some lovely new Adidas trainers. In the day my parents came over and it was nice to chat to them both and catch up. Ethan and I went on our bikes, i hadnt been on my bike in over 4 years, but it was very nice to get back on it.
Ethan is currently learning about space and planets at pre school, so this morning we all made different planets out of Play-Doh. I made Neptune and Ethan made Uranus.
Ethan has been getting into the TV show Gold Rush as I have been watching it for years. He started going in the garden, collecting rocks and soil and washing them to see if he could get any gold. Grandad built him a mini wash plant, similar to one in the TV show. He has been playing with it all weekend and really loves it. We now have a lot of clean rocks and stones!
Rachel, Ethan and I, clap for the NHS on a Thursday evening and have hung rainbows on the tree, but wanted to show our support for the Bin Men, so we each created a rainbow, which we then laminated and stuck to the bin with a messaged saying thank you.
I received a lovely package in the post today from Lego! It was leaving gifts from my old colleagues at effect. I have built them with Ethan and they look great in my office.
I started my new job today as Head of Development for Vehicle Vision. My new laptop, a Microsoft Surface 7 and accessories were delivered to me. I have got it all setup and it is now connected to my 3 screens. I am really excited about the new challenges this role will bring.
After we got put on lockdown i decided to grow a beard as i have always fancied growing one but never wanted to go through the messy state. I left it for 30 days and ended up with an ok beard. It itched a lot and i wasnt a fan of it so i have now shaved it off.
Rachel and I have been married 6 years today, Rachel made me a card which was nice and we just cooked a nice dinner given that we are in lockdown.
Happy Easter! We had an easter egg hunt around the house in the morning and then in the afternoon we did a hunt in the garden. We had good fun and ate lots and lots of chocolate.
We are all working from home now after Coronavirus (COVID-19). As i have worked from home before this wasnt hard for me to transition back into it. I have enjoyed being able to use my office again.
Sam is getting married and he asked me to be his best man. This left organising the stag party up to me. I had a few ideas, some worked out too expensive and then some would not be to everyones taste. In the end the best idea would be to go to Center Parcs Nottingham for a long weekend. We had 12 people attending and over the weekend we did laser tag, crazy golf, aerial adventure and lots of swimming as the activities. We also cooked and ate so much food! In the evenings we played on the Nintendo Wii, with some old school Goldeneye and Mario Kart. Everyone had a great weekend.
We had been talking about taken Ethan ice skating for a while. We booked the 3 of us to go for the junior session at Tamworth snow dome. Ethan had a penguin to help him round. He struggled at start but by the end he was skating round with the penguin. Rachel and I really enjoyed it, as we both hadnt been ice skating together for a while.
Ethan wanted to do some planting, so we went to Sapcote Garden Centre, got some pots, tray and some seeds for Peppers, Broad Beans and Parsley. We planted them all, gave them some water and then we have left them in the garage in front of the window to give it some light.
I booked the day off work and we all went to the Lego Discovery Centre in Birmingham. We had our photo taken, then went on the Kingdom Quest ride which was good fun. We then had a look round Miniland, which was great, having lots of Birmingham landmarks in Lego. We all went for lunch, having a nice Costa. We then built some cars for the Lego Racers, Build and Test. Ethan and I went in the Lego City Soft Play and then on the Merlins Apprentice Ride, followed by 4D cinema. It was a great day and i had lots of fun.
Happy Valentines Day. We had an early start opening cards and presents from each other and are planning on spending the whole day together.
Dad and I have been to Les Arcs in France skiing for a week.When we arrived, there was no rep on the coach, so we just got dropped off in Arc 2000, we wandered around looking for our hotel and finally found it. When we got checked in, which wasnt until 6pm, we managed to unpack and then head down for dinner. The room was small but had everything needed. Skiing was great all week, we had 2 days where the wind was nearly 90kmph, but we still managed to do some skiing. We tried out the toboggan run, which was great fun, this year Dad beat me. On the last day we skied over to La Plagne and did over 70km of skiing in a day. Getting home was a disaster, taking over 16 hours, going to multiple airports and multiple coach journeys.
Thomas wanted to go bowling for his 3rd birthday, which was good because we had wanted to take Ethan and just never got round to it. Ethan had a great time. He had a go with the metal ball roller, but then gave up with it and just bowled the ball himself. He came 2nd over all with a score of 89.
We wanted let Ethan ride his bike with some open space, so we decided to go for a walk at Bradgate Park. He did really well, managing to ride halfway and then back again. On the way we stopped and looked at the stream, climbed on the rocks and Ethan had a look at a plaque.
Today we went to Tamworth Snow Dome for some snow play with Ethans friend Esme from swimming lessons. They had a great time playing in the show and going on the sledges and tubes. The adults also had fun running round after them. After the snow play we had a nice lunch and hot drink in Starbucks.
Happy new year. We had a busy day. We started off the day by going to see my parents and Grandma for the morning which was lovely. We then picked up Joy and went for lunch at Costa, followed by a walk around Ryton Pools Country Park.
After days of being at home and seeing family we thought it would be great to get out. Ethan hadnt been on his new bike yet, so I put the pedals on it and then we took him out and let him ride round the street. He had never rode a bike with pedals before and on his 1st go he did great, managing to ride all round the street. In the afternoon we went for a walk around Burbage Common and Woods, Ethan got very muddy splashing in the puddles.
As is tradition now, we went to see the Peppers today. We drove up to Derby and spent the day with Rachels Aunties, Uncles and Grandad. We had a nice time and it was good to see everyone again.
Happy Christmas. Ethan was up at 3:52am this morning, but we asked him to go back bed and he could open his presents at 6am. He did wait and we started with the stockings, we all got new socks, some chocolate and i even got some wireless headphones. We then headed downstairs, got a drink and Ethan started opening the rest of his presents. He was really interested in them this year and it took a few hours to open everything. We then got dressed and Nana gave Ethan his present from her which was a new bike and with pedals. My parents then came over for a few hours, we exchanged gifts and played with Ethan. They left about 12 and then 15mins later Claire, Luke and Richard arrived. We had a lovely Christmas roast that Rachel had cooked, which with eating dessert took us a few hours. In the afternoon we played some more with Ethan and he gifts. I got some new skates, clothes and new PJs.
After a really busy day, Claire and Luke invited us over for a mini family gathering and some food. It was good seeing Lukes family and Rachels cousins. We were there a few hours, but all so tired so left about 7pm.
For Christmas Eve, Rachel had booked for Ethan to meet Santa at Palmers Garden Centre. We got there early, had some lunch and a look around before going to meet him. Ethan had a great time and got to choose his own toy to take with him.
Ethan wanted to bake some cookies for Santa, so him and Rachel made some lovely triple chocolate chip ones. He then put them in the lounge with a drink of orange for Santa, he also left some carrots for the reindeers.
Rachel, Ethan and I went to Boost again today. Ethan loves it and as i had the day off we thought we would treat him. We had a great time and so did he.
It was effects Christmas party. We started with with secret Santa in the office and i got a nice Mickey Mouse mug with a cuddly inside. We then headed for dinner to the Middletons Steakhouse And Grill, where i had a lovely burger. We then ended the night by going to play bowling at the East Street Lanes bowling alley. I had a great milkshake made with ice cream and then won the bowling!
I had some holiday to use up before the end of the year, so i took a day off and spent it with Ethan. In the morning we got up and he made me a cup of tea, then once we were dressed we had booked to go to Boost trampoline park. We had a great time, spending 3 hours bouncing around. In the afternoon we went to Nanas.
We have had many people tell us about Gates garden center in Oakham, so we decided to see what it was like. We managed to get there before 11 and went straight to the cafe as we had heard that it gets filled up quickly. Ethan picked a nice table right by the fire and we had a nice brunch. We then had a look round the shops and at the Christmas display before heading home.
Dad and I took Ethan skating at Hinckley leisure center tonight. He is getting quite good now, going round the main rink and able to skate on his own.
Today Ethan, Rachel and I put up the Christmas Tree. This year we removed any decorations with colour and went for a white theme, we also removed the bright white lights and went for more of a yellow tint lights. The tree looks great and we had fun.
Happy 4th Birthday Ethan. We got up at 5am, so that he could open some of his presents. He got some lovely gifts and was super happy with his roller skates and also a remote controlled excavator. He had school in the morning and then went out for lunch with Luke, Claire, Richard and Joy. In the evening we played with his new toys and all had dinner together.
We asked Ethan what he wanted to do for his birthday and straight the way he said go to Boost. So we booked him a party for him and 9 of his friends. They had such a great time and it was great to see them all play together even though most of them hadnt met before.
For bonfire night we had a mini bonfire in the fire pit in our back garden. We had sparklers and marshmallows. We then had hotdogs and wedges, nice traditional bonfire dinner.
Ruby was 4 today and she had a party at Sapcote Pavilion. Ethan had a great time playing with cars and jumping on the bouncy castle. Rachel had time to catch up with some of the mums that she met when Ethan was at a toddler group.
For the 2nd year, effect has organised a company social to Xtreme Scream Park, Twinlakes. It was super cold this year, but we had a great time and managed to go to every attraction.
Today we went pumpkin picking with the VanAllens at Malt Kiln , Rugby. There was quite a walk to get to the pumpkin field and it was like a swamp with some parts flooded, but we braved it all and got to the pumpkin field. Ethan found a few pumpkins he liked and we carried them back. Once we got to the car we all had to change our footwear as they were covered in mud.
Rachel and I finally got new phones. We had been looking for ages and didnt know what to get. In the end we both agreed on the Samsung Note 10. Its a great phone with such a great screen.
It is our last day and we wanted to make the most of it, so we started with getting a photo with Mickey. We then packed our cases and headed into the park. The good thing about the Compass Club, is that you can just leave the cases in the room and they are taken down for you and are ready when you leave. We went on Dumbo the Flying Elephant first, it was a little wet, but still fun. We then went on Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains as it had a short queue, then onto Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. On the way back to the hotel we got a photo with Golf Goofy. Our flight was at 9pm, so we caught the Disney bus and headed to the airport and got our flight home.
After breakfast we had a photo with Pluto in the hotel, then headed into the park and went on Le Carrousel de Lancelot, then Ethan wanted to go back on the Frontierland Playground for a bit. It was getting near lunch so we walked back to the village and had a Starbucks. We went back to the park and went on Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, then on the way back we had photos with Max. After walking back to the hotel and having a swim, we went back to the park to see Disney Stars on Parade and then on the way back we went to Annette’s Diner for dinner. In the evening we went to see the Disney Illuminations show and then back to the hotel.
We got up early, went and had breakfast in the compass club lounge and then our way back to the room we seen Donald Duck, so we decided to queue up and get a photo with him. We then headed into the park, on the way booking a photo op with Mini Mouse, but before that we queued up and had a photo with Goofy. Once we had some photos we went to Ethans favourite ride the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, after that we went and watched the Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular which is another ride that Ethan loves. We walked back to the hotel, had a swim and then went to Hunters Grill at Disney's Sequoia Lodge for dinner.We then walked into the park, went on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and then to see the Disney Illuminations show. We walked back to the hotel and had a drink in the compass club lounge before heading bed.
Getting up at 2am to leave the house at 3am, we headed to Birmingham airport to fly to Paris. At the airport we had a Costa for breakfast and then boarded the plane at 6am. The flight was quick, with Ethan and I just watching things on the tablet. We collected our cases and got on the Disney bus to take us to Disney Land Paris. We arrived at the Disney's Newport Bay Club and as we had booked the Compass Club, we got private check in and had a hot drink in the club lounge. Once we had checked in, we headed straight into the park to go on some rides. With our package we had a fast past each per day, so we headed straight to Thunder Mountain and used the fast pass to get straight on, the ride was great, I dont think Joy knew what she was letting herself in for. We then went on the park and had a good walk around to show Joy the sights. We headed back to the hotel to get into our room, went for a swim and the headed back into the park to have dinner at Chez Remy. When we came out of the restaurant, Ratatouille The Adventure's ride had a tiny queue, so we went on that which Ethan loved.
its my 36th birthday today. I got some lovely gifts including new Converse shoes, boxer shorts and socks. I had a nice relaxing evening with Ethan and Rachel.
It is Grandmas 74th birthday today, so i booked a meal for the family at The Old Bulls Head in Woodhouse Eaves. We had a lovely evening, the food was great and Grandma had a really nice time. I was absolutely stuffed when i left.
Today we went to Lollipops Pottery Painting Studio in Oadby to paint a birthday present for my Grandma. We went for a tea for one, which included a bug, teapot and lid. We each took 1 item each and painted it. I did the mug, painted in duck egg blue inside with spots on the outside, Rachel did the tea pot and painted flowers, grass and a Monkey on it, Ethan did the lid and used his thumb print to make the sun.
This morning we got up early and went for breakfast at Starbucks, after which we went back to the hotel to pack. We then headed out to get on the Big Bus Tours bus, we got on a bus and luckily it was on the Red route, which is the one we wanted. After seeing all of the sites around London we got off and headed to Costa for some lunch. We then went to Hamleys, as Ethan wanted a look round and we got him a Bus and Taxi. We then had a look down Oxford street before getting the underground back to the hotel to pick up our cases and headed to Euston to get the train home.
Rachel and I have been together for 10 years and we wanted to do something nice to celebrate and decided that i would be good to go to London, Ethan has mentioned a few times wanting to go so we booked for Rachel, Ethan, Joy and I to go for the weekend. We started off early on Saturday morning catching the Virgin train from Rugby to Euston, then got on the underground to the Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge to drop our cases off. We then went on the London Eye, the weather was great and so we had great views over London. We then had a walk along the river. We went and checked in at the hotel and Ethan and I went swimming, before heading out for dinner at Las Iguanas. We had a great meal and was stuffed afterwards. Rachel and I bathed Ethan and Joy stayed with him while we went for a night walk around the eye and along the river.
Effect had its away day today at College Court in Oadby. It was a day of updating the company on what has been happening over the past year and then discussing what is going to be happening over the next 6 months.
We got up and packed everything and loaded the cars up before heading to the beach and then we hired a boat to go round the lake, it was electric and quite quick. We headed for lunch at Starbucks and then walked to the sports center for Ethan to do Roller Tots, it is amazing how much he has improved over the year, he didnt need me to hold him up and got round the rink on his own. We went swimming once a lot of people had headed home so it was quiet in there. We then picked up the painted VW Camper van before driving home.
We had another early start to go out to the forest behind our lodge and take some photos before playing 18 holes of Adventure Golf. We had brunch at Starbucks before having a long walk to the Off-Road Explorers, which was where Ethan got to drive a mini Land Rover around a course. He loved it and drove it really well. We went swimming before walking back to the lodge to get changed for dinner. We walked back to the village and went to Bella Italia again after the great meal we had the first night.