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The cars havent been washed in a while and i dont like to see them dirty, so Ethan and I washed both of them. The Up is quick and easy to do and the Mokka took a bit longer, but its nice to have them both clean again.
After we washed my car last week, Rachel wanted hers doing as well, so Ethan and I got back out there, but some music on and cleaned the Mokka. Ethan then finished off with his favourite part which is putting the tyre shine on as it smells lovely. When we had done Rachel got us both some cake so we had a rest in the back garden with some cake and a drink.
As it was a lovely day out and my car had gotten dirty as it has just been sat there for weeks, we decided it would be a good idea to give it a good clean. Ethan helped me clean the outside and then he cleaned the inside. It was gleaming when we were done.
I had been thinking about a new car for a while, but as i work from home most of the time now, the car never gets used. So i set myself a small budget to try and get the newest car i could for that budget. I found a great VW Up! Beats edition up in Bradford. So today i drove the 2.5 hours to trade in the Corsa for the 17 plate VW Up!. The drive home in it was nice, its not the fastest car ever with only 58bhp, but it felt solid and was really nice to drive.
The weather forcast didnt look good for the next few days so i put mine and Rachels cars in the garage, i have had Rachels in there for the last few days, but getting both in was a bit of a squeeze, but they fitted.
After a very long time i finally got round to giving the car a well deserved wash. I washed it outside and then it started raining so i drove it into the garage to dry it off and hover it out.
Dad came over this morning and we washed the Mokka and Corsa, they were really dirty and were starting to look at state. After washing them both it was still quite early so we decided to get them in the garage and wax them. The Corsa didnt take to long, but the Mokka took quite a while. They both looked great in the sun afterwards.
When we bought the Vauxhall Mokka for Rachel, it didnt have SatNav built in, so after a bit of research on the internet i found a company that do retro fit navigation that goes in the factory location. They offered free fitting if you drive to Worcester, so i booked the car in and headed over today to get it fitted. The nav is great, the screen is 8 inch so nice and large. The heater controls, bluetooth, DAB, FM radio all work with the existing headunit. I had a reversing camera fitted which really helps. Overall i am really pleased with the DriveAudio system and looks just like the factory one, but for a fraction of the price.
Rachel has been struggling to get Ethan in and out of her Corsa and we also cant fit much in it. We decided that we would get her a bigger car, after looking at a few different cars, we both liked the Vauxhall Mokka. We found a nice white one with not many miles, with a lot of extras with a 1.4 Turbo engine and it has 4x4. I picked it up tonight and it is great to drive.
Today i traded in the Mini. I have been doing a lot of miles and i thought it was about time i got something a little newer. After looking around at what was in my budget, i drove to Surrey to get a Vauxhall Corsa VXR. It has loads of extras including full leather, sat nav, 18s and heated seats. The car is really nice to drive, its quiet and smooth, just not as quick as the Mni.
I had a huge crack in my window screen which has got progressively worse with the cold weather, so i finally got it fixed. It didnt take Auto Windscreens long to change it and they made a great job.
The car has been getting so dirty over the winter with all of the snow, so i decided to treat it to a wash and a wax, the car looks good again now.
I finally got the Mini back from being repaired. The car was not valeted properly and the spraying on the bumper is not great, they even didnt put the Works badge on it. I am going to take it to Mini and get it checked over. Its nice to have the car back though.
On the way home from dropping Rachel off, as i was driving a car infront ran over a chunk of wood, which flicked up and smashed into the front of my car, it has smashed the bumper and it has also damged the radiator, so i now cant drive the car and i am waiting for the insurance to pick it up.
Dad and I went to Trax today on the Weekend Racer stand, we took the Mini. We had a great day, it rained a few times but other than that the sun was out.
The Mini went to Sytner today for its MOT, it passed, just needed a rear number plate bulb. They even washed it for me.
Today i traded in my old Mini for a John Cooper Works Mini. It is astro black and has full black leather, visability pack, climate control, bluetooth, cd changer. It has 211bhp and 4 pot Brembo brakes. It is lovely to drive and so quick. It is sad to see the old Mini go but i am really happy with the new Mini.
Tonight we went to Ace Cafe in London for a cruise. I went in Pauls Lexus with Chris. We had a good drive down there with a group of us from Leicester. We then went to a legal graffiti place in London and took photos of the cars. We were going to go to the Dartford tunnel but after a few people got lost it was getting to late. Got home about 5am, but it was a great night.
Paul, Chris and I went to a FastCar cruise in Birmingham tonight. We havent been to 1 in ages. There was some good cars there. While they were taking the photo for the mag, I managed to get on the front row.
I worked on the boot install in my mini today. I got the false floor made with a cut out for the amp and a hole for the ball to rest in.
I am re-doing my install in the mini. I have sold the 1000/1 and 2 of the subs. I am just going to run the 500/5 to power 1 10w6 and a set of 6.5inch ZRs. The sub is housed in a ball, to give the best sound, the amp is currently just mounted to a board. This is just the start and it needs to be finished and trimmed. It still sounds good and now i have boot space again.
I had to drive to Scotland with work. I took the mini and did 700 miles in 2 days, it did well though as i got an average of 40mpg. While i was there i put the car on the weighbridge and with the ICE in it weighs 1260kg.
Paul and I trimmed the boot build last night in some carpet material. It looks alot better now. Had a play with the settings on the amp aswell, re wired the front speakers and now everthing works well.
The original idea for the mini was to have 3 13inch balls in the boot, but i cannot get them made so i had to find another way of fitting all the equipment in the minis boot. After trying a few ideas i settled on taking up the whole boot with a box for the 3 subs and mounting the amps front and back. The box has a seperate compartment for each sub and is made from 20mm MDF and sealed inside. It is really bassy, but needs setting up as i think it can give alot more.
I have bought some ICE for my Mini. I have got a JL Audio 500/5 Amp, JL Audio 1000/1 Amp, JL Audio 6.5inch ZR Components, 3 x JL Audio 10w6v2 Subs and an Alpine iDA-x100 IPod headunit.
Paul, Sag, Kerry and I went out and took some pictures of our cars now we all have normal ones. We went to where we used to take pictures in town. The weather stayed good and we took some good pictures.
I finally got my private plate put on my Mini. Its soo nice to have it back on a car, at least people will know its me know.
I went to Trax on Sunday with my Dad. We got on the Weekend Racer stand which is run by the same people who run CorsaSport. It rained most of the day. There was not really that many new cars there either. It was nice to watch the cars going round the track and also see some old friends.
Paul offerd to valet the car for me. He wet flatted the whole car and then machine polished it all back up. It has come up really well. There was loads of scratches and marks which are all gone now.
I have had my mini for nearly a week now and i have updated the Sat Nav so that it has perspective maps and just been really enjoying driving it.
I have decided to sell the corsa and buy another car. I have been looking for a while and have finally found the car i wanted. I have got a Pepper White Mini Cooper S with Sat Nav. Its sooo nice to drive.
My car went for its MOT today. Paul kindly took it down for me as i was working. It passed fine.
Sag, Paul, Chris and I decided to go and take some pictures of our cars as we were all free. We went down the same place as Friday night as it was nice there. The pictures came out really well.
Paul and I thought we would have a little photoshoot as both our cars were clean. We went down to a local industrial estate. We managed to get the cars in a tight corner with a fire escape next to it. We used the fire escape to get some arial shots of the cars.
Sag had a photoshoot todat for his C2, so Paul and I went along to see it. While we were there we were asked to get into a photo which was quite cool. Paul took a few pics of us while we were watching the photographer at work.
Went to the Donny show today. It was raining for most of the day. The show was only half the size it was last year and there wasnt really any amazing cars there. The X2C stand was the best there. It was nice to catch up with some old friends that i havent seen over the winter.
I picked up my car this morning from CMR and then took it to Paul at Lexus to get Valeted. He jet washed it all off and then put it in the car wash to dry it all, he then took it inside and chamois leathered the car off. We then went back to mine and waxed the car and cleaned all the leather.
Sag and I went to take some pictures of our cars today at the local industrial estate. We got some great shots of the cars and they looked really good together.
After taking my door apart so that CMR could change my door solenoid i had no sound deadening on the door and no speakers. I asked Paul and Chris to come round and give me a hand putting the car back together. When we were setting up the stereo we found out that my 2 woofers in the doors were broken, so i need to get them fixed. The car is all back together now with working electric windows and door poppers.
I got my car back from CMR today, they have done such an amazing job fixing my car, you cant even tell that the front had ever been repaired, it even looks better than when it was 1st done. The spraying is up to its usual amazing quality. They also fixed my exhaust while it was in and i had 2 new front tyres fitted and my brakes checked.
CMR sent me some pictures of the car getting fixed. It seems to be coming on well, looking forward to getting it back.
I dropped my car off at CMR today to get the front bumper fixed.
I couldnt open my drivers door again, but the car was locking properly. So we took the door panel off to see if it was the button, but it turned out that the button was working fine. We then tracked the problem down to the solenoid. We had to take all the sound deadening off the door, which does not come off easy! I have ordered a new solenoid and this will be fitted when the car is fixed.
CMR assessed the damage to my car and it was going to cost alot more than i thought. They have pulled the bumper out, but some of the paint has fallen off. I am now going to go through the insurance company to get the car fixed. They have got to come and have a look at the car.
I went out last night in the car and i was going round a round-about when the back end of the car came round on me and i ended up hitting the roundabout. This has smashed the front bumper, cracked where it joins the wing, cracked the arch and where the arch connects to the side skirt. I have taken the car into CMR today and they are going to get on with mending it. I am gutted!
Today was the biggest show of the year. I was showing with CorsaSport. It was a really great show, lots of nice cars and it was roasting. I got a bit sun burnt when i fell sleep watching the track, but aprat from that it was a great day.
Paul, Chris and I went out last night and took some photos of our cars in an industial estate in Thurmaston. Apart from the fact that it rained as soon as we washed the cars! It was a good night.
I havent been to the cruise in ages and tonight we went as it has changed location and we thought we would try it out. It was a good night. We had a good laugh driving down there, took a few pics of the cars looking clean.
I have smashed my passenger side mirror on the car a few weeks ago and tonight when i was parking my car i hit the kerb with my wheel and have kerb it quite badly!
Today it was PVS. I was on the CorsaSport stand. I got a great position just infront of the camper van, which is the same spot i had last year. It was such a hot day! I had a good look round and then from 10am, just sat watching the drag strip with my dad.
My cenral locking has broke again on my car! Also the passenger side button has stopped working. This means that my drivers door is locked and my passenger door wont open. I had to take the door mirror off and get the door open and then try and get a new cenral locking box fitted. Wasnt easy to do without damaging the car. While i was about it i replaced some of the other buttons that were not working.
Went to Donny North show this weekend with X2C, was such a sunny weekend, i got rather burnt after falling sleep in my car with the car sealed. Some nice cars were there and best of all X2C won best car club!
We had all cleaned our cars so we went down to Sainsbuerys and took some photos of the cars together, they look good and really show the shine on the cars.
Chris, Paul and I went out to take some moving pictures of my car, so we went to a nearby round about for some shots and then moved onto the duel carridge way. The pics came out well, would have been nice if my car would have been clean though.
I was driving down the motorway when i heard a noise coming from my car, i pulled over and couldnt see anything wrong so i carried on and the noise was still there, i then pulled over again and seen that my tyre was shredding its self. My dad came out and we cut off the strips and drove the car back very slowly. I then had 2 new tyres on the car.
On sunday Anne and I washed both the cars and decided it would be rather funny to see my car with all Annes learner stuff all over it, so we gave them a good clean and stuck them to my car. It would be so funny if she could really do lessons in the car like this, i just dont think it would actually last that long!
Chris, Paul and I went to Leiecster Cruise tonight at the Leicester Jet Ski Centre just outside Stoney Stanton. When we got there we parked up in the show car section and we had Chris camera so as it was a nice setting we would take some photos. It was also one of the best nights at the cruise.
It was that time of year again, the best car show of the year, Trax. I was on the Total Vauxhall stand this year, which was in the paddock area. The show was really good, there was some really nice cars there and it stayed sunny all day.
I went to Donny South today on the X2C stand. I got up at 4am, was a 2 hour drive down there. It was raining all the way and wehn we got there it was still raining. It finally cleared up about 11. Then i gave the car a wash. I had a freally good day, we had the best stand there, with a full stage, dancers, djs and a food tent with DBoy as chef. Ally kindly posed for a few pictures to.
My car was in the top 100 at Max Power Live this weekend. I went on the X2C-UK stand, it had some of the top cars of the show on it. I stopped in the Plaza with the X2C lot and had such a great weekend with them
In the post this morning i got my copy of Total Vauxhall with my feature in it. I have a 6 page feature. The pictures that Jason took are amazing and his writeup is spot on.
My car was on the CorsaSport stand at PVS today. I was put right next to the CorsaSport tent to advertise the club. The show was really good, the weather was lovely. Me and my Dad had a good look round the show and then sat and watched the drag strip.
My car was on show at Redline Rumble this today. I was going to be on the X2C stand but then i got asked by Redline if i wanted to be in the Top 50, so i went in there, im glad i said yes to it as the other X2C show cars got put in the Top 50 aswell. Was not a bad show, wasnt the best i had been to, but it was more about the drag stip than about show cars.
This weekend was the Donny North show. It was the first time i had shown on the X2C stand. They are a really nice bunch of people. I had a really good weekend. They had a stage with a Dj and Dancers, which kept us entertained for hours.
In the post this morning i got my copy of Reline with my feature in it. The writeup was really good and the pictures Davy took were really good to. I got a 5 page spread and got a picture of my car on the Cover.
Jason who did my photoshoot for Total Vauxhall gave me a ring and asked if he could take some more pictures of my car for mags in Europe. I said yes of course. I met him today and we went to the same industrial estate as last time but a different part. It was soo cold. He took some really nice pictures again.
I was looking through my phone and found a few pics of my car i liked. The first one is how close it is getting my car on the drive and the second is my car at night.
I had my photoshoot with Redline today. I met Davy in McDonalds car park in the morning, we had some food. We then went to a roundabout where i just kept driving round so we could get some action shots. We then went out trying to find a good location, it took a while but in the end we came accross a location in New Parks. The background was really good and we did the rest of the photoshoot there.
Happy Valentines Day :) I got 1 card, yay. I also had my photoshoot for Total Vauxhall mag. The photographer was Jason. We find a nice location in an industrial estate in town. He took some really good pics, he had two big flash lights, which really helped as it wasnt very sunny.
I had my photoshoot with Cruise Leicester, to be their feature car. I met them in town and then i followed them to the location on an industrial estate in town. They were taking photos as i drove down. We found a really nice location and they got on with taking the pics. We then took some action shots with Richie sitting in Tonkas boot. Was a good day in all, the waether was really good.
Chris had just washed his car so Ellen and him drove round to mine and we went for a drive to take some pics of the cars. We went down a small lane and took some pictures, but when we came to turn round we had to go into a farm and it didnt look the nicest place to be going. After that we went to Tesco and took some pictures there before getting escorted off the carpark.
I went tot the Lboro cruise with paul tonight. It was a nice drive there and back. Its getting alot colder now and my heaters in the car dont work, so the car is booked in at CMR on friday to get them sorted.
I went to the Lboro cruise tonight with everyone again. It wasnt as full as the Leicester cruise but it was still good. We put a dvd on my car and then stood at the back and watched it.
I went to the Leicester Cruise tonight with Paul, ELeen & Chris. Was a good nite, but really really cold. After the cruise we went back to Ellens for a nice hot drink.
I got the new edition of Total Vauxhall, it has the writeup of the Corsa Sport national meet. There is loads of pictures of m car and a good write of the meet.
I went to Sheffield to see my Sister as she is at uni there. I took my car. While i was there i wet to see Ben. He has just got a nice new camera, so he took some pictures of my car for me in B&Q car park. We got a few funny looks of people, lol. The pictures he took turned out really well.
I went to Trax at silverstone today, was a really really good show, was the best 1 i have been to this year. On Friday nite i went out with all the people off Corsasport, we had a good nite, thanks to Matt for letting me have his spare bed :) Then on Saturday nite i went back to the hotel to see every1 again. Was nice to meet alot more people, looking 4ward to the next show season.
I drove to Weston Supermare for WestonWheels this weekend. The weather was amazing and the car ran great. There was some really nice cars there to. Was a 3 hour drive but well worth it.
I went to the Corsasport national meet today. Total Vauxhal was there to take pics of every1s car and to take a group shot. Was good to put faces to cars. While we were there we all went goKarting. Was really good fun, i dont think i did that well in the race but enjoyed it loads.
There was a charity event at Bruntinthorpe, so i went with Raj. Was a good day there was some really nice cars there.
I had my MOT today and the car passed. I cable tied a light to the back bumper to asct as a numberplate light.
I finally got round to mounting the heater, aircon and hazzard warning switches in the glove box. I only have 1 vent which all the air comes out of but it works quite well and the aircon still works after not being used for over a year. I also got round to puting the window wipers on read for the cars MOT.
I went to a CorsaSport East Midlands meet in Northampton. There wasnt that many people turn up. Was nice to have a chat to a few people and we all had a nice McDonalds after aswell.
I got round to making a box for the speedos with the help of my dad. We made a box the size of the dials and then made a lid for the light and the camera, was a close fit when we came to put it in the boot, it looks quite good on the screen though.
I have been in Birmingham all weekend for Max Power Live. It was a really good weekend. Went out in Birmingham on the friday night and had a few drinks with all the people from CorsaSport, it was really nice to meet all the people that i had been chatting to on the forum. On the Saturday nite we all went to the Worx, which was an amazing nite, there was so tunes played and was just a great atmosphere, i ended up getting back to the hotel at about 5am. The show itself was quite good, i dont think it was as big as last year though. I got some free car care things to.
I had the day off work today so that i could take the car to Max Power in Birmingham. I cleaned the interior out and made sure everything still worked. My dad had the afternoon off work so that he could take my car to the show on a trailer. When he brought the trailer to pick up the car it wouldnt fit, it was too low to go up the ramp and also the trailer was too low. So i had to drive the car, but it started to rain and i havent got any window wipers. When i was going along the motorway the camera on the speedos stopped working. When i got to the show i washed the car and waxed it and then parked it inside with the people off
As the car leaves for Max Power tomorrow i needed to have some sort of speedos for on the way back so i mounted the camera in the boot with a light and then connected it to the computer screen, the picture is not great and they will have to be mounted properly soon.
My old Touch Screen Headuni died, so we couldnt test the sound system out and as max power is not far away i ordered a new headunit from a company in Scotland, it came next day. I had to take out all the old wiring loom and then put in the new loom. I tested the system quickly and the sound quality is amazing. I also got the car out of the garage and gave it a good wash and a wax.
We got the everything in the car today. Wired all the screens up and then booted the computer up to see if everything worked. Everything worked ok. We still havent had time to tes the speakers yet as the headunit is wired up yet.
Today we managed to get the dash and the door cards fitted, all the speakers and switches wired up. All the computer is wired up. The steering wheel was really hard to get off, but the new one looks really good.
I had a Toad AI606 cat 1 alarm fitted today. Was fitted really well the bloke took real care not to scratch my car. Me and my Dad covered the car in 17 rolls of sound deadening and ran all the cable through the car.
Today was a really busy day. I picked up all the leather from the trimmers, i drove 130 miles in 4 trips. The workmanship is really good, the seats looked stunning, the fitting of the tvs in the headrests were perfect. I also picked the car up from the bodyshop, in the sun the car looked amazing, they had even sprayed the engine cover for me. They had fixed the seat in but i could reach the pedals so my Dad had to drive the car home.
The bonnet has been sprayed now, the bodyshop has also fitted my car with a new cambelt and gave the car a service. The throttle body was blocked up so they have cleaned that out. All the chroming has been done and is ready to be put on the car.
The car has been sprayed with the metalflake and it looks amazing. It has had 10 liters of laquar on it. The paintwork is soo smooth. The doors are ready to be sprayed and the bonnet has been wet and dried.
I went to see how the trimmer was getting on today, he got the leather in on monday and he has managed to trim the whole of the dash. The quality is really good. He has also started on the door cards.
The whole car has been wet and dried, they have finished smoothing the bumper into the arches and they have also smoothed it into the crash panel. The car is now ready to be sprayed black.
I got the engine parts back from the polisher today and the inlet manifold is so shiney already and it hasnt even been chromed yet. The parts will now be sent to the chromer to be coppered, nickeled and then chromed.
I went to the trimmers today to see how he was going. We still cant get the right colour leather but i have got some samples to look through. He has marked out where all the stitching is going to go on the dash, seats and boot.
The bodyshop have sprayed my mirrors with the metalflake to see what it is going to look like. We took them into the sun and they really did sparkle and they havent had any laquar on yet. They have also started to smooth in my front bumper in to the arches, they have got the gap between the bumper and the bonnet even smaller now.
The front bumper has now been primered and the car has a light coat over it so they can find any imperfections. I also have my new battery ready to fit, its a Optima Yellow top, to go with the yellow theme i want in the engine.
I want to the bodyshop today and they have primed all the bits they they had been working on. They have modded the front bumper, just waiting for the mesh to come back befor they smooth it into the rest of the car. They have nearly finished my super smooth scutter panel. I also dropped off the 60mm springs readty for Max Live.
I smoothed all the filler on the dash and then cleaned all the dust off it. I then smoothed out the resess in the door panles and smoothed over the handle holes with filler. I then smoothed over the rear speaker holes with filler. We got the tvs mounted in the door panels to.